Powerful Admin

The main benefit of the admin system is that it allows you to edit your website in real-time, quickly and easily. You don't have to wait around for a web company to upload your new blog post, or change simple contact details etc - you have the power to this yourself.


Here's an overview of what you can do...

Customise Page Headings

This page you're reading is within 'Features' from the top navigation. If you wish, you can give it a different heading, for instance, you could rename it 'Services', or 'Products' or a title that suits you.

Add pages

With this website you're provided with a standard navigation; Home, About, Gallery, Serives, Blog & Contact. This is your main website layout / page headings. You can rename these if you wish (as described above).

But, we understand you may need an aditional page(s).  For instance, you may require an additional 'Services' page. Lets say you require 2 different 'Services' pages, 1 named 'B2B Services' and the other named 'B2C Services'. You can do this by simply adding another page within the admin and select the layout you wish to use, in this case it would be the services layout.

Your main website menu / navigation would then look like this: Home, About, Gallery, B2B Serives, B2C Services, Blog & Contact.

You also have control of what pages you'd like to display. If you don't require a 'Gallery' page, then you simply untick this and it won't show on your website navigation. This is the same for all headings.

Along with a main website menu, you also have a sub menu (seen in the footer). On this demo website you will see the following sub menu: Privacy Policy, Accessibility and Terms & Conditions. Again, you can rename these pages, and choose whether or not you'd like to display them. 

Colour Picker 

You can change the colour of many elements throughout the website, such as buttons, navigation bar, fonts, background colours and more - enabling you to tailor the website to suit your business

Drag & Drop Layouts

Simple drag & drop elements, to allow you to easily order pages and content.

Media Upload

You have a dedicated section to upload media (images & videos). You simply upload once and can use the media several times throughout the website (if you wish). For instance you may want to use the same image on your homepage banner and a blog post - you can do that without uploading it twice.

Social Media Links

You can link your social media accounts, such as Twitter and Facebook really easily. Just add the socail media url into fields provided within the admin



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