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With this website you get your very own blog.

A blog is useful for a number of reasons, but mainly, it allows you to add fresh content on a regular basis to your website - great for customers and search engines.

Not only will potential customers see you're an active business, which is very reassuring, but you can keep these customers updated on a regular basis, with useful information on products, services, reviews and pretty much anything you can think of.

If your blog content is useful and informative, it may get shared by readers, via personal blogs, websites, social media and email. If this happens, your blog post then becomes viral and seen by more customers.

This is great for SEO (Seach Engine Optimisation) and your blog post will become an important landing page to your website. A landing page is page within your website that a customer lands on or is directed to, upon visiting your website.

For instance, lets say a customer carried out a Google search for 'why do i need a blog on my website?' or 'reasons to use a blog on my website'.

If you had created a blog post on your website, titled '10 Reasons Why You Should Use a Blog on Your Website', and the content of this blog post was very useful and informative, it then has a very good chance of appearing within the Google search results.

Lets say the link to your blog post appears 4th in the list on Google and the customer clicks your link, they'll be directed to your blog post - a page within your website. This page is the landing page that was found by the customer and directed them to your website.

If previous readers of your blog post liked it and shared it, via blogs, websites, social media etc, then it has a very good chance of appearing high in the Google search results, and traffic to this page on your website will increase, as customers find it more frequently.

Along with useful and informative information, you can further optimise the content of your blog post - increasing the chances of it appearing in search engines - with the SEO tools provided in the CMS.

You can also maxiamise the visibility and traffic to the blog post by adding it to your own social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin etc.


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